Sunday, September 12, 2010

Buddhism & Yoga Series

The Three Trainings or Educations (trishiksha) are Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom.
Together they form a triad of practices that constitute the Buddha's Fourth Noble Truth, the path to happiness and freedom.
The Yoga traditions offer a similar triad of paths to freedom including Karma Yoga (the path of action), Jnana Yoga (the path of Knowledge) and Bhakti Yoga (the path of devotion).

This series will be devoted to exploring the three educations and yogic paths from a practical, rather than academic, perspective. The goal is to offer some conceptual maps and practical skills to help us offer-come habits that bind us.

Overview of this Series:

Class 1: Suffering and Karma

Class 2: Ethics and Action

Class 3: Wisdom and Knowledge

Class 4: Meditation and Devotion

Class 5: Freedom and Happiness

The following past post will help orient participants for this series:

The Four Noble Truths


We will be using the Yoga Sutras of Master Patanjali as a primary source for several of our lectures.

Translations by Chip Hartranft and Geshe Michael Roach are available for free online in PDF format:

Yoga Sutra (C.H. version)

Yoga Sutra (G.M.R. version)

Yoga Sura Verses for Class 1:

Chapter 2 verse 1-16